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History of version 6.xx

Rel 6.06

 * Corrected pause duration. Pauses were not that accurate and could be seconds off

 * Improved RTP streaming from a pcap file. Bug forced RTP streaming of codec supported. After the

    fix it is possible to stream from a file any recorded codec

 * Fixed a bug where audio was not locally played if scenario is re-ran multiple times in consecutively

 * Fixed a bug which caused outgoing SIP messages not being logged when SIP logging is enabled 

Rel 6.04

Bug fixes:

 * Fixed RTP echo mode. The bug caused 2 RTP ports being used and possibly 2 RTP packets sent back

Rel 6.02
Bug fixes:
 * Fixed the GUI issue which affected users having a lot of local IP addresses.  

Rel 6.00
New features:
* SRTP for both live speech or when sending a pcap file
* Ability to play RTP when using WebSockets
* Improved performance to allow high call speeds 300+ cps
* improved logic which allows 300+ simultaneous RTP streams
* when audio is plaid from a pcap file audio progress is kept separately for each remote side
* G729 is supported
* Ability to send multipart SDP bodies
* ability to send hexadecimal content in SDP bodies
* client scenario can have multiple dialogs (registration and outgoing sip calls are now possible in the same scenario file)
* new logic to store licence information to improve the user experience when upgrading an OS, for example
Bug fixes:
 * Fixed a bug which caused incorrect logic when switching between playing digits and pauses several times in a row
 * RTP streams were not played when switching codec in middle of a call
 * sometimes a few packets with incorrect SSRC number were present in an RTP stream
 * Numerous other bug fixes